Our vineyards

Our vineyards with their calcareous soils and the warm climate of this unique landscape ensure the best terroir wines.


The vineyard Prutznai is located next to village of Termeno and has always been one of the most valuable locations in the area called Oltradige or Überetsch. At the foot of the Mendel mountain slope, calcareous soils and a warm climate ensure wines with rich flavour. The “Ora”, how the wind coming from the Garda Lake is called, every evening gently blows over the hills and supports the typical nature of this area. The red clay soils, with pronounced stoniness, allow the vines to thrive at about 300 m above sea level.


The small area "Feld" is located north of the Caldaro lake basin at approx. 350 m above sea level. The proximity to the lake to the south and the adjacent forest to the north and east ensure a good interaction of day and night temperatures. This phenomenon determines the pronounced fruitiness, which is supported by a fresh acidity.

The soil of this very special terroir is largely composed of sand, with a high proportion of skeletal fraction, which is the reason for the very dry location.


The smallest location not far from Caldaro is picturesquely nestled between the foothills of the Mendel Mountain and exposed to south-east at almost 400 m above sea level. The very warm, sandy loam soil with its medium-high calcareous content is typical for this vineyard. This terroir is virtually predestined for the cultivation of the Lagrein variety.

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